About Us

What is the Gut Check: Know Your Medicine campaign?+-

Where can I go for more information?+-

Who funded this initiative?+-


Why is it important to know what’s in my over-the-counter (OTC) pain medicine?+-

What is acetaminophen?+-

What are NSAIDs?+-

How am I supposed to know what to take?+-


Are people really overdosing on OTC pain medicines?+-

How can I safely use pain medicines?+-

What can I do to prevent overdose of pain medicine?+-

I’ve exceeded the recommended OTC medicine dosage for years — and with no harm. Why stop now?+-

Chronic Pain

I have chronic pain. Can I take OTC and prescription pain relievers at the same time?+-

Alternative Therapy

Are there non-medication alternatives to treat my pain?+-

*When comparing these categories, it is important to clarify that medicines that do not contain an NSAID are not steroids. Many medicines do not have the word “nonsteroidal” (acetaminophen included), however, that does not mean that they contain steroids.

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